Retreat Testimonials – What our Retreatants Say:

“Everything was awesome and well kept. The food was great. Thank you for providing a place of quiet to seek God.”

“I can hardly wait until next year’s retreat; your retreat center is awesome!”

“Love, love, love the Franciscan Retreats and Spirituality Center. Feels so homey, cozy, warm and inviting – Thank you!”

“Loved everything – thanks so much for another amazing year.”

“Slept very well in my room. The liturgies were healing and my soul is restored. I feel forgiven. Maybe now I can be more compassionate to others and less judgmental.”

The liturgies were meaningful, well chosen – Catholic and spiritual; the homilies added more insight to the retreat theme. I felt the Anointing of the Sick helped me. 

“The Chapel evokes peace and tranquility. Just being present in that spiritual space pulls me into a joyful state.”

“The retreat conferences were very appropriate to my personal needs. Each of the speakers provided meaningful examples from their personal experiences. All are well versed in the subject matter and are easy to listen to.”

“This is my first retreat but it will not be my last. Everything is very inspirational.”

“The retreat conferences were excellent. so much food for thought and nourishment for the soul. Lots to take into prayer and on my daily faith walk.”

“The prayer services were a great way to start each day to help open my heart and my soul to what the Lord had in store for me on that day.”

“The retreat conferences were excellent and spoke quite loudly to me.

Testimonials - Men in conference

“The retreat conferences were super. Personally, I love the retreat conferences to get my faith renewed.”

“Seven years and still coming. I can’t wait for this October. Each year this retreat is my ‘tool chest’ for another year – thank you!”

“Both speakers were easy to hear their annunciation was very good.”

“The retreat talks were very meaningful. The insights interjected by the speakers are great. It’s obvious a lot of time is spent preparing.”

“The music was wonderful as always. Chris is a very talented musician with a great knack for choosing songs that really speak to us at that moment.”

“Debbie is a keeper. She’s very down-to-earth and I can relate to her conferences.”

“The retreat conferences are full of content that spoke to me. I thought it was written just for me but in talking with women 20 years older they also found the message pertinent to their lives.”

Testimonials - Fr. Steve saying Mass“The blend of the scheduled time to free time is just right. It allows me to reflect, refresh and recharge my soul to put a little bounce in my step!”

“This is one of the best retreat centers I have ever enjoyed. Well organized, clean, good healthy food and plenty of space for reflection. The Chapel is lovely.”

The liturgies were well done – sermons were well prepared.  Much time and talent went into these – very inspiring. 

“I especially loved the good meals – what a treat for a homemaker!”



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