A list of Reasons to Attend a Retreat

Reasons to Attend a Retreat

Among the numerous reasons to attend a Retreat, here are some of the most common.  We invite you to come and see what reasons you can find for yourself.

Strengthen/examine your faith

Get away from the busyness to think, relax and take care of self – nurture self

Keep priorities straight

Find deep-seated faith-based hope during challenging times

Hear God’s (Spirit’s) voice in your life

Be your most joyful, rested, confident self for yourself and for others around you

Seek guidance in life (from God and trained spiritual directors)Reasons to attend a retreat - peacefulness

Sharpen your ax – be your best self – recharge to be at your best

Have faith affirmed by others of like minds

Discover new ways to worship and pray

Experience growth by exploring a unique yearly theme

Find strength and inspiration

Work though challenges

Learn new aspects of the Bible

Gain perspective

Partake in and enjoy the Sacraments in a relaxed, unhurried setting

Renew your energy – leave with extra bounce in your step!

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Although we are a Catholic Retreat center, we welcome spiritual seekers from all faith walks.  Catholic in nature, we offer Christian Retreats that can be enjoyed by all.

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Some tips on How to Make a Retreat.

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