Concerning meals at the Retreat Center…

Retreatants often leave comments about the high quality and flavor of the food served at Franciscan Retreats and Spirituality Center. Meals are prepared mostly from scratch right here in the retreat center kitchen, often with locally produced/grown ingredients.

Meals - Peach caprese saladJust a reminder, that in order to comply with the requirements of social distancing, our dining room will remain closed until such time that we will not be urged to maintain the six feet social distancing recommendation/requirement. As we continue to limit the numbers on our own retreats to 27 people and to 29 for our hosted programs (due to the pandemic) retreatants will need to take their meals in their bedrooms (or outside, weather permitting) until further notice. Meals will be served either in the Library or underneath the canopy between the buildings.

Because of this, and the limited space that we have for serving food, we are unable to accommodate most food allergies, e.g., dairy, soy, fermented items etc.   Judy, our chef and kitchen manager, will be creating menus for upcoming retreats that are either gluten free or with a gluten free alternative to a particular dish.

Meals - Spring soupWe do not have the facilities or personnel to accommodate the ever-expanding number of food allergies we are requested to provide for, even when our dining room will re-open. We know that due to a number of factors some people are highly sensitive to certain foods, seasonings, or additives, but we simply cannot prepare multiple menus for our retreats.

We will make available the menu for the upcoming retreat and we ask that retreatants with dietary issues review the menu in light of their specific needs.  We encourage retreatants with a variety of food issues to bring their own food to supplement the food that we will provide.


Should you have further questions, please call us at 952-447-2182, contact us via email: or via our website at Contact Us


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