Homily Archives - Fr. Howard and his brotherFr. Howard’s Homily from the 4th Week of Easter

The image of Jesus as Good Shepherd continues in the Gospel for this fourth Monday in the Easter Season. As I sit here at my desk and ask Jesus for his help in writing these homilies, I looked up at a picture of my brother, Bobby, that I have on my desk. Bobby was mentally handicapped from birth and was later determined by various psychological tests to have the mentality of a four year old. But handicapped or not, he was a beautiful human being and by far the greatest gift that God ever gave to me.

In the picture I am looking at, he is wearing a cross around his neck that he wore every day. And he has a smile on his face that will not quit. I thought, as I looked at this picture, that if there ever was an example of Jesus being Shepherd for someone, Bobby is it. I surrendered him to the care of Jesus years before his death and I could write a book on the wonderful, miraculous things that this Shepherd provided for him. It is unbelievable!

And I guess it is equally unbelievable when we look at the care and love Jesus has given to us all. Indeed, he is the Good Shepherd who leads us into the green pastures of happiness and peace. All we have to do is follow him. [Continue reading this homily…]

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