Mary Magdalene as the Model of Easter Faith
October 25-27, 2019

Our own Father Steve McMichael of the Prior Lake Friary is the presenter at the 2019 Friends of Francis retreat.

 What happened in the Garden in the Gospel of John, chapter 20? Mary Magdalene’s journey of faith led her to the encounter with the Risen Christ on Easter Sunday morning.  Her life of penance, discipleship, and ardent longing for love for Jesus prepared her for this encounter.  Based on medieval Franciscan art and spirituality, the retreat will offer a reflection on Mary Magdalene as a model of faith, hope, and love.

Fr. Steve will begin the retreat with a short overview on Friday evening, after the welcome and orientation. The evening will conclude with Night Prayer.

Conference 1:  Mary Magdalene – Identity and Conversion
In this conference we will look at how Mary Magdalene was presented as the penitent woman who washed and anointed the feet of Jesus in the seventh chapter of Luke. The focus is on the purgation stage of the mystical journey.

Conference 2:  Mary Magdalene and Raising of Lazarus
This conference focuses on the role of Mary Magdalene during the Raising of Lazarus according to the eleventh chapter of the Gospel of John. This marks the illumination stage of the mystical journey.

Conference 3:  Mary Magdalene and Noli me tangere [touch me not]
Mary Magdalene’s experience of the Risen Christ according to the twentieth chapter of the Gospel of John is a significant moment in Mary Magdalene’s journey. This moment constitutes the union stage of the mystical journey.

Conference 4:  Mary Magdalene as “Apostle of Apostles”
The fourth Conference concerns Mary Magdalene’s experience after the encounter with the Risen Christ in which she manifests her role as the “Apostle of Apostles” and testifies to the truth of the resurrection with her life in Marseilles.

Things our retreatants say:

  • The liturgies were inspirational and the homilies added more meaning. I’m so impressed by howdown-to-earth Father Jim and Brother Bob are as they relate to us
  • The time here has been healing. Truly my spirit gives thanks to our God for this time

  • The retreat conferences were excellent. So much food for thought and nourishment for the soul. Lots to take into prayer and on my daily faith walk.
  • The blend of scheduled time to free time is just right. It allows me to reflect, refresh and recharge my soul to put a little bounce in my step!

While this retreat is geared primarily to all members of the Order of Franciscan Seculars, it is open to anyone who has an interest in St. Francis and Franciscan Spirituality.

The retreat will begin on Friday evening, at 7:30 p.m., and end Sunday, after brunch, which is served at 12:30 p.m.


Almighty, eternal, just and merciful God,
give to us miserable ones the grace to do for You alone
what we know You want us to do
and always to desire what pleases You.
Inwardly cleansed, interiorly enlightened,
and inflamed by the fire of the Holy Spirit,
may we be able to follow in the footprints of Your beloved Son,
our Lord Jesus Christ,
and by Your grace alone, may we make our way to You.
Most High, Who live and rule
in perfect Trinity and simple Unity,
and are glorified God almighty,
forever and ever. Amen.

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Cost: $160.00 per person. Pre-registration is required, along with a $30.00 registration fee.

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