We invite you to visit our Franciscan Retreats Youtube channel.  On it, we offer a number of short, introductory videos (43 seconds to 2:53 seconds in length) to help give you a taste of what our Center provides.  For further information, links are provided at the bottom of the page.

Franciscan Retreats YouTube channelFranciscan Retreats Youtube - Building entrance

Enjoy a 2.5 minute look at what people experience here and what keeps them coming back

What do we mean by ‘Private Suite’? 

“It’s like you just get this big hug.”  Why one retreatant keeps coming back.

Join Bob Beck on our (sometimes overlooked) Walking Crown Rosary trail.

Take a quick jaunt along our Stations of the Cross sidewalk. 

Catherine’s Crossings – Catherine interviews Br. Bob and Bob Beck about our “hidden gem, nestled among 60 acres of picturesque forest, prairie and pond”.

KMSP Channel 9 ‘Why attend a Retreat’ interview; MA Roscoe


Would you like to see more?  Take a virtual tour of our groundsfacilitychapel, and the people who help to make the Franciscan Retreat and Spirituality Center a peaceful refuge for all.

Click on Retreat Schedules for details on the daily schedule of our Weekend and Midweek Retreats.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page provides further information on our retreats, our facilities, and the typical offering we request for attending our retreats.

Some tips on How to Make a Retreat.

Click on How To Get Here and consult a road map for directions to Franciscan Retreats and Spirituality Center.

Should you have further questions, please call us at 952-447-2182, contact us via email: secretary@franciscanretreats.net or via our website at Contact Us

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