An endowment to support Franciscan Retreats and Spirituality Center is maintained by the Catholic Community Foundation, which also assists the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, and many of its parishes, and many other non-profit corporations.

The Foundation offers retreatants many ways to support our ministry, including gift annuities.

Following are some of those who have already contributed to the future of our faith:


Peter and Colette Johnson
Gemma Lamb
Duane and Sue Marschall
Saint Michael Church of Prior Lake
John Thomas


Robert and Rebecca Borchardt
Rita Bungert
Daniel and Debra Cervenka
Joseph Clifford
Mary Costa
Francis Coyne
Barbara DeGrood
Father Lucian Galtier #542
Knights of Columbus 4th Degree
James and Delores Frome
Robert and Patricia Geronime
Michael and Dolores Gott
Mary Therese Hart
Jennie Haymaker
Mildred Heyer
Kristin Joseph
Jane Judge
Leo and Alpha Justen
Charles and Cathy Kelley
David and Carol Keymer
Georgiann Kuberra
Deacon Donald Kunkel
Elsie Langer Estate
Clifford and Madonna Larsen
Margaret Lucille Lynch
Michael and Christine Martin
Newell and Ramona McGee
Joan McShane
Angela Moonen
William and Eileen Moore
Emma Morton
Cy and Pernilla Pate
Steven and Mary Ann Peterson
Florence Ruhland
Steven and Mary Schier
Jacqueline Schott
David and Diane Schulte
Elizabeth Sodomka
Saint Joseph Cupertino Friary
Tele St Laurent
Harriet Taus
Margaret Trondson
Reverend Urban Wagner OFM Conv.
Helen White
William and Virginia Willner
Theresa Wilmes
James and Patricia Wright
Ben and Mary Zweber


John and Mary Adamek
Mary Ann Anderson
Barbara Arnold
Judy Aubert
Doctor Michael and Debbie Babcock
Gertrude Barnes
David and Karen Bartsch
David and Laura Bernemann
Kirk Bernhagen
Mary Bettenburg
Diane Blazejak
Pamela Blazina
Jeffrey and Carol-Jean Boevers
Kathleen Boldischar
Sandra Bramanti
Robert Brazil
Dennis and Peggy Chirhart
David Chromy
Susan Colten
Mary Ann Corbey
Mark and Ann Marie Croteau
Francis Crowley
Marie Farhet Cyryt
William and Amy De Boer
Cecilia DeGrood
Kathleen Dinndorf
Robert and Esther Dollerschell
Tony Doom
Roberta Driscoll
Carol Dummer
JoAnne Feldmeier
Patrick Foss
Linda Foster
Franciscan Sisters of Saint Paul
Warren and Carol Galbus
Camille Gallagher
Bernice Hamernick
Orville and Germaine Hanken
Edward and Lora Hannasch
Richard and Phyllis Hanson
Marilyn Hauser
Paul Haverly
Jerome and Mary Ann Hellmann
Doctor Joan Hemmer
Richard and Eileen Hertel
Reverend James Holl
Home Detailers – Val and Rhonda Zweber
Sister Mary Ellen Huebsch FSPA
Grace Hyser
Christine Jurek
Juliann Kayser
Reverend Gerald Keefe
Marie Kelliher
Harriet Kiffe
Roland and Mildred Klein
Gerald Krosnowski
Kathleen Kummer
Joan Kunz
Eileen Kytonen
Thomas and Amy Liang
Judy Majeres
Karen Manor
Alpha Martin
Aleda Mathiowetz
John and Marie Mayhew
Mary Ann Meschi
Deacon James and Christel Meyer
Joanne Miller
Verdon and Jean Monnens
Victor and Lorraine Moravec
John and Michelle Muehlenbein
Shurrel and Bernadette Olmstead Estate
Helen Olson
Michael and Karen Olson
Mary O’Rourke
Deacon Rodney and Susan Palmer
Jeffrey Paul
Dolores Paulson
Lloyd and Lenore Peine
Virginia Petro
Francis and Mary Ann Petron
Judith Pieper
Poor Clares Monastery
Mary Ricker
Claudia Riley
Vicki Rivers
Kent and Muriel Roessler
Arnold and Jane Rohe
Patricia Rossini
Mary Ann Ruether
Saint Victoria Church of Victoria
Rita Sandkamp
Arlene Sattler
Colleen Schliesman
Marcella Schneider
Maureen Schulte-Wirrer
James and Lynn Spieker
Alice Sporrer
Thad Standley
Patricia Stark
Katherine Sullivan
Denise Swanson
Carol Swenson
Ray and Bonnie Unzen
Frank and Maureen Valcour
Dionilla Valentini
Helen Wenzl
Xcel Energy Foundation
John and Julie Young
Alice Zika
Eileen Fish Zukauska

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