Apostle’s League of Franciscan Retreats and Spirituality Center

Whenever I do the Stewardship portion of the retreats – this is the time when I ask retreatants for their retreat donation – I inform the group that the suggested donation of $190.00 falls short of the actual amount that it costs us for each retreatant. Inevitably, I am asked, “How are you able to keep your doors open?” “Many of our retreatants give more than the $190.00 that we request,” I respond, “and an important way that we have been able to bridge this gap between the suggested retreat donation and the actual cost of a retreat is through individual donations, memorials, bequests, and most importantly, participation in the Apostle’s League.

Membership in the Apostle’s League is purely voluntary. Members agree to three things: 1) to pray for the retreat ministry here and for the men and women who come on retreat; 2) to promote retreats that are offered by Franciscan Retreats and Spirituality Center and 3) to commit to a quarterly monetary pledge. In his welcome remarks to retreatants, Fr. Ken Bartsch would always ask who was wearing their Apostle’s League pins (for those who forgot, he always had an extra one to hand out.)

The late Fr. Simeon “Sam” Yates came up with the name of this program where retreatants could select an amount that they felt comfortable giving on a quarterly basis. The reasoning was (and still is) that retreatants can decide for themselves what their level of giving will be and they commit to that level until we hear otherwise.

We have been blessed with many first-time retreatants; on a recent retreat, nearly half of the retreatants were here for the first time, and, judging from their responses to their retreat, it will not be their last time.

Again, thanks to you and the many members of the Apostle’s League for your faithful support of the Retreat Center and its ministry. You and your loved ones remain in our prayers here.


Brother Bob Roddy – OFM Conv.

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