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Serenity, AA & Al-Anon Retreat

December 7-9, 2018


Our Serenity Retreats are for men and women who are in AA & Al-Anon. They provide an opportunity for people who follow the 12-step program to gather together to focus on their spiritual lives, and share their struggles and joys in a safe and respectful context.

The late Gerald May said, “To be human is to be addicted...and to be addicted is to be in need of God’s grace.”  Whether we are here because of our own addiction, or whether we are here because of a loved one’s addiction, this weekend we are going to focus on taking the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous off the pages of the Big Book and bringing them into our daily lives.  How can these Steps become even more real for us?

 “Many of the old understandings to which I had been addicted were stripped away, leaving a desert like spaciousness where my customary props and securities no longer existed. Grace was able to flow into this emptiness, and something new was able to grow. Fresh understandings took root, and the insights that emerged were clearer, simpler, and more beautiful.” Gerald May, Addiction And Grace. 


   3:00 pm - Early Check-in (front desk)
   4:30 pm - Stations of the Cross
   5:30 pm - Light supper (Dining Room)
   6-7:30 pm - Check-in (Front desk)
   7:45 pm - Welcome and Orientation (Chapel)
                   Followed by Presentation I and discussion in small groups

   8:00 am - Morning Prayer (Chapel)
   8:30 am - Breakfast (Dining Room)
   9:30 am - Presentation II (Chapel) followed by discussion in small groups
   11:30 am - 6th Step Ceremony (with confessions for those who wish)
   12:30 pm - Lunch (Dining Room)
                     Followed by leisure time to rest, walk pray, or see a staff member for Spiritual Direction
   3:30 pm - Presentation III (Chapel) followed by discussion in small groups
   4:30 pm - Roman Catholic Sunday Mass (Chapel)
   5:30 pm - Dinner (Dining Room)
   7:00 pm - Presentation IV (Chapel) followed by discussion in small groups
   8:15 pm - Optional Entertainment (Marian Lounge)

   9:00 am - Breakfast
   10:00 am - Morning Prayer (Chapel)
                    Followed by Presentation V and discussion in small groups
   11:15 am - Stewardship meeting

View the Serenity Retreat brochure.

Registration Information

A non-refundable registration fee of $30.00 per person is required and must be received in order to reserve a room. Suggested offering for our weekend and mid-week retreats is $160 (includes programs, meals and private room with shared shower/toilet.

or call us at 952-447-2182.

General Information

The Conventual Friars of Our Lady of Consolation Province are your hosts at Franciscan Retreats and Spirituality Center. The peace and natural beauty of our facility nestled in sixty acres of woods, prairie grass and a pond beckons you from the cares of daily life to a place of quiet reflection.

Our Retreat House and Spirituality Center offers:

Beautiful Chapel
Conference room
Gift Shop
Spiritual Direction
Four Conferences
Home cooked meals

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